About Word Addicts

and North Sanpete Writers

Word Addicts is the online name for North Sanpete Writers. In 2015, Allison Brown invited a couple of friends to get together and talk about writing. We met monthly for a while, had some writing activities, and mostly had a lot of fun. After a year we decided to create our first compilation of short stories. A Medley of Fairy Tales I came out in 2017. We followed that book the next year with A Medley of Fairy Tales II. These were released as North Sanpete Writers. In 2020 we released the first volume of Miscellany as Word Addicts. Also in 2020 we went online, reaching out to authors outside our local community. The North Sanpete Writers still meet monthly at a small town library in Sanpete County, Utah. If you live nearby and would like to visit one of our meetups, we'd love to have you! We're also happy to know fellow Word Addicts online.

Word Addicts is made up of award-winning writers, debut novelists, and writers hoping to be published someday. We come together for the love of writing. Our interests range from literary fiction, children's fiction, fantasy, romance, science-fiction, and more. We support each other in our writing endeavors, and we seek to help writers everywhere no matter where they live in the world.

We're a volunteer organization of friends. There are no fees or dues and there are no obligations whatsoever. We simply want to contribute to the success of every writer in our group.