Allison Brown

Allison lives in the mountains of Central Utah with her husband, five children, and small farm. She loves her family, her church, writing, and music, but is not particularly fond of growing older and wishes she didn’t have to. She is the author of the Precious Stones Treasury, a set which currently includes The Jeweled Pendant, The Power of the Ruby Ring, The Return of the Ruby Ring, and The True Pearl, and several more works in progress. She is a co-author of the NSWG’s compilation A Medley of Fairy Tales, parts 1 and 2, as well as Miscellany, by Word Addicts. She loves escaping the everyday stresses of life by experiencing the many adventures of her characters, and she hopes you do too.

Books By Allison Brown

The Jeweled Pendant

Captivated my attention from the very first page!—Amazon Reviewer

A beautiful...clean romance—Amazon Reviewer

She awakens in a palace with a near-fatal stab wound, and no memory of her past—no memory of anything except her name: Virginia. The royal family cares for her as she regains her strength.

Hardworking and independent, she begs to repay their generosity and becomes their stable hand as she struggles to remember her past.

With the help of the princess and the handsome prince, she sets off on a quest to discover who she is.

As pieces of her memory fall into place, a terrifying picture begins to form. Is her new self-confidence strong enough to endure the tragedies of her past, or will the evils she has forgotten destroy her new life—and perhaps her true love?

The Power of The Ruby Ring

Family friendly fantasy, romance, and suspense that will keep you reading until the last page.

"I'm hooked!"-Amazon Reviewer

"Could not put it down!"-Amazon Reviewer

Dannilynn cannot fathom the harrowing path before her. When her father gave her a mythical ruby ring just as he died on the steps of the palace, he sealed her fate. Tragedy befalls her.

Lost and alone, hunted by the wicked king's army, Danni finds herself struggling to survive.

Are her powers strong enough to save herself and the ones she loves? Are they strong enough to fulfill her destiny and unite a divided kingdom?

The Return of The Ruby Ring

Family friendly fantasy, romance, and suspense that will keep you reading until the last page.

Her destiny—the fulfillment of an ancient legend—looms ever nearer...

For the moment, Danni is safe at the palace under the protection of Prince James, who loved her first. His affection was once enough for her, but she has changed.

The torture and suffering of her past have transformed her. And Nathan’s love had saved her.

Preparations for the great battle begin and Danni finds herself joining the war waged for her cause, just as legend prophesied. But that is not the end of the legend..

Is her power and confidence great enough to fulfill it all, or will she lose control and fail at the very feet of her enemies? The Return of The Ruby Ring concludes Princess Dannilynn's adventures and trials with a heart-wrenching love triangle and a dangerous end to her hero quest.

The True Pearl

New Release from Allison Brown's Precious Stones Treasury!

A whirlwind of intrigue and emotional growth. Loved by myself and all of my daughters! Thanks Allison for yet another awesome read!—Amazon Reviewer intense story, that captured my attention...—Amazon Reviewer

A beautiful story of overcoming challenges in life, of trust and love.—Amazon Reviewer

Princess Evelyn lives as an ordinary princess should: fancy dresses, large feasts, balls, and maids in attendance. But her callous and unaffectionate parents often leave her feeling unloved or even despised. Her future, though, looks promising with a betrothal to Prince Marcus, a man she has only met once as a child but who seems kind.

Then an illness leaves her blind…and shatters her world.

Ashamed of this condition, her wretched parents throw her at the feet of Prince Marcus and leave her there alone, scared, and in complete darkness. Her fate now rests in his hands. Treachery, cruelty, lies, and deceit await her within his palace walls. Those evils threaten to break her spirit and might even claim her life.

Can she find the courage and self-worth within her to conquer? Or will the cruelty and ills ofothers destroy her?

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