Interviews With Three Word Addicts

Rodney Bliss is a daily blogger and Word Addict. See his Word Addicts profile HERE.

Below, you'll find links to three interviews on Rodney Bliss' blog.

I met Rodney on Facebook. At first, he was a name in a sea of names, but he soon became a person I admire and respect for his nuanced ideas about politics and religion, his kindness and humility, and his numerous hobbies and interests. I'm not sure how he does it all, but I'm glad he finds the time. He blogs almost daily. Today I was scrolling through his blog and found a touching tribute to a former co-worker and friend who died due to COVID 19. This is a beautiful tribute and I recommend it to anyone who likes a short but touching read. Find it here.

Aside from the Q&A interviews linked below, please stick around and see all he has to offer on his blog, and if you like what you see, subscribe.

(Posted by James Elliott)