Miscellany Volume II

Word Addicts released our 4th anthology, Miscellany Volume II on January 12.

New Release! Miscellany: Volume II

A family cabin overrun by mice. An old man haunted by a child wanting to play a game. Innocence tested. Evil projected. We’ve got knights, spacecraft, robots, cowboys. Wrecked souls, whole souls, and just about every facet in between the human experience. ‘Collection’ is an excellent word for this anthology.

MISCELLANY VOL. II is like peering into the odd assortment of someone’s basement – or attic – at all the things gathered across lifetimes of experiences. At times touching, at times funny, at times it may prick your soul or moisten your eyes. These eleven stories will take you place to place, soul to soul, as you lift the lids on all those funny little jars on that proverbial shelf of people’s perceptions. Ranging across six genres, MISCELLANY VOL. II takes you from humor to horror to science fiction, supernatural, literary fiction AND fantasy. Just like Uncle Ted’s basement, it’s a little weird. It’s a little wild. And someone is going to cry.

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