Valerie Young Turner

Valerie Turner lives in the Rocky Mountains of her childhood and loves to hike the forests. Before she became a writer, she was an elementary teacher. She has a M.Ed. in elementary education. Valerie has always loved writing poems, and short stories. She lives with her two spoiled cats, Weasel and Chub,who are famous on google classroom on Google Classroom with former students during COVID online teaching.

Tales of A Sunflower, by Valerie Young Turner

Set in the rural wilderness of the Idaho Mountains, Jeanie is born into an abusive home during the 1960s. When Jeanie looks to the adults in her life to make sense of what is happening, she finds they cannot help her.

As she grows into a woman, she tries to make sense of the pieces she is given and faces unbearable tragedies. A shooting, a fire, a murder. While these traumas form the woman Jeanie becomes, nothing prepares her to face the destruction of her faith and trust in everything she built her life around. After experiencing ecclesiastical abuse at the hands of her church, she struggles to make sense of the chaos of her life. until Jeanie learns that sometimes when you are at the very bottom of life, when you no longer have anywhere else to go, when you cannot escape from what has happened, you finally listen to yourself. You can hear yourself sing.

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