Toney Larson

As a child, Toney Larson dreamed of being a writer. When she grew up, she acted more responsibly and went to art school. After completing her BA in Fine Arts, she continued her education with certifications in graphic design, a BA in Marketing, and an MBA. Her first book, Growing Amaranth, was published in 2014. Since then, she has added to her YA fairytale series Legends of Draven as well as published nonfiction and contemporary romance. A current resident of Utah, Toney lives with her husband and six children. When she’s not writing she spends her time in graphic design.

Books By Toney Larson

He Will Never Know

…Or will he?

When author Annie Allred is left by her cheating husband, a dream rekindles her feelings for an old friend, a romance that never bloomed. Wishing she could start over, she writes a novel about their time together--ending it with the romance she imagined they could have if they met again. But when her old spark discovers her novel, things get a little crazier than she intended.

Legends of Draven Series

Growing Amaranth

Amaranth has never known a life outside of the walls of her mother’s quaint cottage--until the day she meets William. Even though she was raised to believe that boys are evil and untrustworthy, Amaranth cannot help but fall for the kind and gentle William. It was only when their friendship is uncovered and her mother locks her away in a tower that Amaranth begins to realize the true evil in her life. Torn between first love and the love of her mother, Amaranth must navigate her way through the lies and decide who she truly is.

Unmasking Cassandra

Cassandra is not a typical princess—nor will she ever be. Cursed with the bountiful, scarlet curls of a Daemos' Own, she has been hidden away by her troubled parents to keep her—and their kingdom—safe. In her restricted chambers, she channels her brilliant mind into art and music. It is only with the kind aid of some unlikely companions that Cassandra finally begins to challenge the legends of old and rethink what it means to be a Daemos’ Own.In a world that has forsaken her, Cassandra must navigate the desolate life she has been given while avoiding the animosity of her vengeful brother. For her, the road to recognition, redemption, and romance will either be her greatest triumph or her ultimate defeat.

Engaging Helen

Traditions are harmless, until they threaten your freedom…

Helen Brown’s house is filled to the brim with flowers from suitors, but she couldn’t care less about the illiterate boys in her town. When a wealthy, but simpleminded, suitor proposes, she gladly refuses him, though local tradition demands she accept any eligible match. She ignores the town’s threats of being ostracized, and tries to pretend nothing has changed. However, she quickly realizes she is losing all the things she loves: dancing at the festivals, teaching the town children to read, and even her sister’s happiness.

In an attempt to ward off more suitors and prove she is too clever to marry, Helen issues a challenge: anyone can win her hand if they bring her a riddle she can’t answer. When an arrogant and scorned suitor brings her just such a riddle, she must do all she can to find the answer, swallow her pride and marry, or be outcast from her home once and for all.

Cornelius Wilbur's Book of Astounding and Magnificent Riddles (Legends of Draven)

Cornelius Wilbur is a traveler, teacher, historian, and lover of all things cheese in the Legends of Draven YA retold fairytales series. He invites his readers to enjoy the marvelous riddles he’s collected over his years of adventuring. A companion book to the compelling riddle retelling Engaging Helen, it is sure to delight its readers with over 70 original riddles.

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