Rorisang Moerane

Rorisang Moerane is a writer from Maseru, Lesotho. Much of her writing is inspired by empathy and imagination. She enjoys exploring personal relationships and cultural experiences with a focus on human connection. Some of her work can be found in journals like Roi Fainéant Press and The Head and Hand Press.

Hindsight: Reflections Before And After 2020

A haunting visitor. Trekking South to play a blues concert. Writing during a plague. A brother’s death and a sick mother. A postapocalyptic crew charged with “taking care” of pets. Reckoning with racial trauma, ancestral guiding spirits, a peek into Miami’s beating corazon, and a nonfiction account of coping with chronic pain. These are stories of the sediment that rises—in a violent surge of reckoning—and settles in patterns never imagined until we look back in wonder, horror, and hope.

Hindsight is a collection of work centered around the trauma of 2020. In conjunction with Toho Publishing, H&H worked with 11 writers to collect their perspectives on a time that will forever be etched in our minds.

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