Marla Workman

Marla Workman lives in the center of Utah just outside of the small town of Fountain Green. She was a nurse by profession and is retired. She and her husband enjoy visiting their thirteen children and fifty-three grandchildren online and in person; taking walks around their four acre yard; and watching family friendly movies online. They both write stories and music and love to play and sing at local events.

Marla wrote comedy stories for the Under The Horseshoe radio program in Spring City, Utah. In her science fiction tale featured in Miscellany Volume II (2022), she drew from her medical experiences to create fictional phenomena and characters who are affected by illness and injury. Marla's teachers in high school and college encouraged her to write, but she started writing in earnest after her family was grown and she retired from being a nurse. She feels that life isn't over after retirement but is a portal to her next adventure.

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