Kevin A. Davis

Kevin A. Davis lives in a little house in the woods of north Florida, surrounded by moss-draped live oaks where red-winged hawks pester the neighboring Ents. Books and art cover the walls, and cats dwell upon the surfaces. He enjoys traveling to Cons, writing conferences, or helping his wife at their small book store.

Writing in Fantasy (Urban, Epic, Gaslamp), he is on course to self-publish the AngelSong Series, an Urban Fantasy novel series, in late 2021 or early 2022, depending upon his editor. He has a short story, “Feeding Mitzi”, in the Strangely Funny VIII anthology and has won two Honorable Mention Awards in the Writers of the Future contest.

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Angelsong Series

Will Haddie’s new powers be enough?

Eugene law student and intern at a local law firm, Haddie is adjusting to her and her dad’s unnatural abilities. He’s lived with it for centuries, but she just found out this year. Now, she’s dealing with a new addition to their family, and a friend who has disappeared. The trail leads to a disquieting series of bizarre raves where people go missing, lose their minds, or die. Someone, or something disturbing is hiding amid the colorful lights and music.

Haddie races against time before her friend becomes one of the casualties.

Alone, she must meet the rising dangers hampering her search. Her untested powers may not be enough. The next rave might be her friend’s last.

Strangely Funny VIII

The ninth volume (you read that right) of the Strangely Funny series is one of the weirdest yet. An asexual gives tips on dating succubi. A certain reanimator treats a Miskatonic U football player before the big game. Is there such a thing as a vegan vampire, and what do they eat? And finally, we revisit the invasion of the ‘Martians’ in Surrey.

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