C.R. Truitt

My stories are as varied as my life professions. I was never blessed with a single interest. Over a long lifetime I have been a janitor, typewriter repairman, radio announcer, security guard, private patrol driver, police officer, electronic circuit designer, computer programmer, newspaper correspondent, an editor of a statewide Lion’s Tale newspaper and a small business owner. I write in the genres of Science Fiction, a sub class called Future Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary, all with elements of romance.

Writing stories has always been my main love since I was ten years old. Electronics is second. My stories include; Messengers From The West Mountain, The Super Mall, The Golden Bird (Medley of Fairy Tales), another novel in a private printing under the title of “Day of Doom” and a limited publication of short stories published by Rusty Horse Publishing.

As a teenager, I witnessed the exciting times in the San Francisco bay area and had a front row seat during the Oakland Riots, School bus riots, Vietnam War, Race riots, and hippies. At that time, San Francisco was host to the world. I met people from around the world, including a Russian diplomat’s wife and I dated a girl from Germany.

I’ve live in Fountain Green, Utah since 1972.

Books By C.R. Truitt

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Messengers From The West Mountain

A Great Fire War had once scorched the earth, leaving it barren for generations and only those who took refuse underground were their children's children able to live once again upon the surface of the earth.

For years the West Mountain people lived pleasantly on the surface of the earth outside of the Mother Cave, until reports from the other Warrior tribes told of attacks from a people who still use the ancient machines to capture and enslave.

The Chief's daughter, Paula was delighted when the Council announced she would lead and be sent with three others as messengers to the other Warrior tribes for a call of unity to stand against these invaders.

She set out with her best friend Sissy, a young healer, her cousin Mira, the best warrior of her tribe, and their friend, Peggy.

Together they set out to warn the other tribes, but separated to make up for lost time waiting for Paula and Peggy to heal after a battle with mutated men.

Paula and Sissy catch a ride in the wasteland and unknowingly find themselves in the enemy territory. There they find danger and unexpected allies.


All four of us sat erect, pushing our chests out, holding our heads high, riding through the main street with our people cheering us...

There is nothing like the adorations of our family and peers. How soon we would come to learn the difference of people who would not see us so, regarding us as their prey or their enemy, to use us whatever way they could. Leaving the tribe behind, we had no knowledge of that. We were sure of our skills and our persons...


He glared at me, his voice deepened, commanding. "You will hand me that chain and then you will strip and put hose dirty rags in this basket. Now!"...

His retaliation was swift. He slapped me hard enough to bring me to my knees with my eyes watering and my cheek stinging...

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The Super Mall

Kathy happily lived and worked in the California Bay Area's finest achievement of the next decade; an underground six-level mall that included among other things, shopping, entertainment, sporting arenas, hotels, swimming pools, a lake with a beach and living quarters for workers and shop owners. The Super Mall executives promised everyone a safe place to work and play in an age where violence on the streets was all too common. Kathy's contented life ended when her lifelong girlfriend, Jennifer, introduced her to a young man she fell in love with. The only problem, she wasn't sure if he was a drug dealer or undercover cop and by the time she figured that out, she found herself hiding in the ventilation system with him as an accomplice for the murder of an important Super Mall Official.


None of them had their guns drawn, but Bill pulled the one from inside his coat, not seeming to know the other gun lay on the floor in front of us. He pointed it menacingly at the officers while staggering to his feet. He pulled me up by my waist with amazing strength. Without explaining, he shoved me against the wall by the door next to us, pinning me against it while he fumbled it open.

"You won't get away with this Hall," shouted Farmer. "The camera may have blinked out, but we can see now what happened." Bill didn't answer. He aimed just above their heads and pulled the trigger. The gun roared deafeningly and a hole appeared in the far wall. The Security men dove for the floor, and Bill quickly shoved me through the now open door.

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