Submission Guidelines:
Miscellany Volume III

Word Addicts anthologies are great for new and published writers.

Participating in a Word Addicts anthology comes with perks. If you're a published author, we'll help you advertise your work through our growing online presence. If you're a new author, you'll gain valuable publishing experience. There are no fees, dues, or any other charges.

What Makes Word Addicts Different

Whether you're a never-published author or have many books under your belt, our goal with the anthology is to support you in your writing goals, whatever they may be. If you're self-conscious about your writing, you're not alone. Our team is friendly and our editors want nothing more than to help you produce a great story. We meet you where you're at, and give suggestions that will tighten up your writing and help your story shine.

Holiday Miscellany

Miscellany Volume III will be centered around the winter holidays.

But, didn't we just finish those holidays? Yes! We're looking to publish this book in time for the 2022 holiday season.


NOTE: There are no submission fees, dues, etc... Ideally, we'll sell some books and you'll receive a royalty check. You'll have the opportunity to purchase copies at wholesale discounts (Miscellany Volume II costs about $5 per copy at current prices).

  • First drafts are due March 1, 2022.

  • Sign up! Although submissions aren't due until March 1, we want to send you reminders and news about the anthology. Please sign up at the link below after you have read the guidelines for submission.

  • Submissions must be 3,000 to 10,000 words. Prose only.

  • The story must take place during the winter holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, etc...)

  • There must be a love story. This could be romantic love, familial love, love between friends, etc...

  • There is no genre requirement. If you write science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc...and you can write a holiday love story within your preferred genre, then go for it.

  • Excessive gore is not allowed, or explicit sex. No political or religious proselytizing. Language must be PG-13, but we prefer PG. No f-bombs. The Word Addicts team will enforce these guidelines and make judgement calls for stories that tread the grey areas. You must agree to modify your submission if needed.

  • You must meet specific deadlines. You will be given plenty of time to review all requests and suggestions, but do not miss your deadlines.

  • You will help with the marketing plan.

  • We communicate through email, Google Chat, Google Meet, and other free online services. You must be able and willing to use and communicate through these services.

  • We use Google Docs for edits. You must be willing and able to use Google docs.

We seek to give as many writers as possible the opportunity to be published, but we do have quality control and limited space in our books. Word Addicts will review your work prior to agreeing to publish it.

If you've completed your rough draft, submit it HERE.