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We'd like to propose a trade. Write a short essay in an area of your expertise, or on an event you attended, and you can be included in one of our month-long marketing campaigns. We will share your article, bio, website, books, etc...with our thousands of subscribers and followers.

Send an email to if you're interested.

Cortney Winn reported on a Q&A with a Literary Agent. Readers can get some great pointers, and the writer gets free publicity and advertising.

What's in it for you?

  • We'll create a profile for you on our website, including your picture, bio, and links to your books, blogs, social media pages, etc...*

  • We'll advertise your article and your profile across our growing social media presence..* We can also coordinate the scheduling in case you want to run a book promotion or release a new blog post at the same time.

  • Each time you contribute to the blog we'll promote your article and your profile. If you write more than a few posts, we may mix it up by linking our audiences to your blog or website "About" page, Amazon author profile, etc...

What Do We Want?

We want blog content that is meaningful to writers. We have plenty of articles about motivation and we are not asking for those. We want to pre-approve the subject of your article, and we'll review it prior to publication. Please browse our current essays and find your niche, then email your idea to us. If you're not sure what to write about, send our blog administrator Cortney an email at for ideas.


Your writing must meet a standard of quality before we publish your post. We also require that your the work we will be advertising meets a certain quality standard. We will ask for samples of the work you wish to advertise.

*We don't advertise explicit erotica or extreme violence. Your profile will be good for one year from the date you last contributed. For each contribution you'll get another round of advertising.