Miscellany, The Anthology

Our upcoming Miscellany II will be released in early 2022. The anthology is currently closed for submission. We will open for the next anthology in Spring 2022.

What Is Miscellany?

Miscellany is an mixed-genre anthology. The first volume was published in 2020. We accept writing from every genre of prose fiction or memoir into our anthology.

Who gets published in Miscellany?

Writers featured in our anthologies have ranged from bestselling authors with 50 books in publication to hobby-writers who began writing after retirement. We have brand new writers crafting their first fiction, and writers whose first books were recently published. Each story goes through a round of edits in which the writer accepts or rejects the edit feedback. This gives them an opportunity to experience aspects of the traditional publishing process. Some truly amazing stories have come from writers whose first published work was our anthology. If you're a seasoned writer, we'd love to have you. If you're a new writer, we'd love to have you.

Why publish In Miscellany?

Miscellany is a great place for new and seasoned authors. For new authors it’s a place to get your feet wet, get your Amazon Author profile set up, start building your portfolio of books, and earn some royalties. For seasoned authors it’s way to find new readers and get a short story out into the world. It’s also another book for your Amazon Author profile. There are no submission fees, and the publisher releases 90% of funds to Word Addicts to pay author royalties.

What are our expectations if we accept your work?

When your work is included in our anthology we expect you to meet deadlines and provide information to the publisher and project leader as requested. Consistent failure to meet deadlines or respond to requests will result in your work being rejected, even if it was initially accepted. Authors are expected to build their marketing knowledge and advertising platforms, and to advertise the book when it’s released. We don’t require that you use any specific platform(s), only that you have a public presence and work to develop it.

Contracts & Royalties?

You will sign a contract granting publishing rights for the paperback and ebook, but you maintain all other publishing rights and the copyright to your work. After 12 months you may withdraw your story from future copies of the anthology with 30 days written notice. Authors are paid a share of sales proceeds. The publisher releases 90% of royalties to the authors.

Anthology Content Rules

Language, sexual content and violence: To use the MPAA rating system, the language must be rated PG or cleaner. Sex and violence must be PG-13 or milder, and explicit sex is not allowed. Our primary audience is easily offended by vulgar language and we are sensitive to this. Please don't push the envelope with language. Gray areas will be reviewed by the Word Addicts president who will make the executive decision on whether or not changes need to be made.