Read Free eBooks on Any Device

Have you ever wanted to read an ebook, but didn't own a Kindle or Nook?

Well, there's a way. It's super easy, and it's free!

Amazon has hundreds of thousands of amazing free and low-cost ebooks from every genre imaginable. Whether you want to read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you can be reading books in no time. In a few steps, I'll show you how to do it.

Step 1 - Download the app

Click the link below, then choose the button for the device you are using. Download the Kindle app that pops up. This will put the Kindle reader on your device. Come back here when you're done, and I'll help you find tens of thousands of free books to read.

Apple Devices

Android Devices

PCs and Macs

Step 2 - "Buy" a free ebook

This is where the fun begins. Now you're going to find a free ebook to read. Please read the "Pitfall Alert" carefully, because Amazon will try to trick you into a paid subscription if you're not careful. Go to your Amazon account and type "free ebooks" into the search field.

This will pull up tens of thousands of free ebooks. Look through them until you find one you may like to read. I've chosen this one to read on my PC.

PITFALL ALERT: There are two prices here. The most prominent is NOT your free ebook. This will link you to Kindle Unlimited, which is a subscription program that charges a monthly fee. But look at the bottom of the picture. "Or $0.00 to buy" shows you that the ebook is free of charge. No subscriptions or any other cost will apply. It's absolutely free.

Once you've clicked the ebook you want, you'll see your purchase options. Again, you want to choose the "buy" option, and not the Kindle Unlimited option.

Step 3 - Read Your eBook!

Open the Kindle app on your device. It will look something like this app on my computer desktop.

When the app opens, you will see your library of books. If you don't see the book you bought, find the "Library" link and click it. That should open up the list of books you've bought. This is what the library looks like on my computer. It will vary a little with each device.

Double-click or tap the book, and begin reading!

Building a library of ebooks is fun, cheap, and provides you with all the reading material you'll ever need.


Author: James Elliott Mitchell