How To Gift A Kindle Ebook

Giving someone an eBook is quick and easy. Consider giving an eBook for birthdays and other special occasions. You may also consider helping your favorite Word Addict sell books by purchasing a few copies and giving them away to your friends and family.

In a few simple steps, here's how you purchase an eBook—or several eBooks—and give them away as gifts. As part of the package, if your recipient doesn't have an eReader device, Amazon will help the recipient download and read the eBook on any device.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can read eBooks on any device.

Part I - Buy The Books

Find the eBook you want to gift someone. I chose a Christmas book with great reviews. It only costs 99 cents, and Christmas books make handy gifts.

In the purchase section of the book's page, there's the regular "Buy Now" box you get on Amazon. Don't click that. Instead, look below that box to find the "Buy for others" button.

I'm going to buy two copies. I'll select "2" in the Quantity drop-down box and click the "Buy for others button.

The next screen asks you to enter emails. I do not want to give these books away until December. If you don't want to give the books away right now, then don't put email addresses in that field. You can give them away later, whenever you wish. Simply click the "Place your order" button.

Part II - Gift The Books

NOTE: The purchase will take a little time to finalize before Amazon will allow you to gift the books. So, go run some errands, take a nap, or clean up the disasters your child has created in the last 4 or 5 minutes, etc...

On your Amazon account, hover over the "Account & Lists" link. When all the accounts and lists pop up, select "Your Orders."

Now, select "Digital Orders" to find your eBooks

Scroll down your Digital Orders list until you find the book. There should be a "Manage eBooks" button. If that button isn't there, you may need to wait just a little longer for the order to clear.

When you click "Manage eBooks" the list of books will appear. Click "Copy link with instructions."

Go to your email account and create a new email message. Paste the link in the body of the email, and send it to the recipient. Your recipient will receive a)the link to accept their free book on Amazon, and b)instructions on how to download the Kindle App, which allows them to read the book on any device.

Once you send the email, you're done! You just have the gift of an eBook.

NOTE: I find it difficult to remember some of these steps, so I've made myself a cheat sheet. If you think you might forget the steps, keep this post bookmarked and use it as needed.

Author: James Elliott Mitchell