3 Easy Ways To Build Your Author Brand

If you’re anything like me, you woke up one morning and thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool if I wrote a book?” (Because that’s how all my hair-brained schemes start.) But unlike all my other crazy ideas, I found that I loved writing and wanted to turn this ‘hair-brained’ idea into something more! So, how do you do that?

Here are some quick tips to launch your name into the writing world:

Tell People. This one sounds obvious (and terrifying) but is so vital to your future as a writer. Tell people that you write! You will be utterly surprised by the support and liberation this little tip will give you. And frankly, none of the following tips will do you a bit of good if you can’t master this one.

Social Media. Yep, you knew this one was coming. I’d be flabbergasted if anyone could navigate a successful writing career without some sort of media representation. Even if they could, they’d be sorely missing out on tremendous opportunity. Make sure your name can be found in association with your work. Build your audience long before you write "The End" on your masterpiece. Follow other writers, aspiring authors, literary agents and bloggers (yes, bloggers are writers too). Be present and interactive on your social media accounts and remember that building a loyal audience takes time.

Reach out. Actively seek out opportunities to present yourself as a writer. This step can mean different things for different people because everyone owns different skill sets. If you have a talent for speaking, reach out to local schools and organizations to talk about what you do. If you have a talent for teaching, host a writer’s workshop. If you have a talent for selling, create merchandise for your work in progress. If you have a talent for listening, attend writer’s conferences—you will find wonderful networking opportunities. Think about what you do well, then use it.