5 Takeaways From Publishing My First Book

Publishing for worldwide audiences is accessible to nearly everyone in the world. Meet Sev Pretila, a Philippine-born resident of Australia...

Q&A With A Literary Agent

A literary agent weighs in on what agents are looking for, what will get you in the door, and what will get you rejected outright...(READ MORE)

Interview With Teen Author Boot Camp

Allison Brown's interview with a young writer from Teen Author Boot Camp...(READ MORE).

Know The Rules, Break The Rules

When we’re open for submissions we receive manuscripts directly from authors. A majority of submissions are nowhere near ready for a general readership, and we tell these authors—hopefully productively and compassionately—that their books need more work...(READ MORE)

Word Addicts' Local Monthly Meetup

Whether you can attend our monthly meetups or not, you may find our conversations about excellent books on writing helpful, or handouts provided during the meeting. Go to our workgroup blog, where Word Addicts President Jenna Madsen summarizes the in-person meetings.

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Miscellany Volume I

Miscellany is our first anthology under the name "Word Addicts." With the name change we decided to change our anthology as well. Although we enjoyed retelling fairy tales in our first two books, we opened Miscellany to all genres of fiction and memoir. We are so pleased with the result!

Along with writers from our previous anthologies such as the amazing A. Shepherd, Allison Brown, Jenna Madsen and others, new arrivals Amy Jorgensen and Cortney Winn added their creativity to Miscellany I. Because it was open to all genres, each writer brought their best work to the table, and it shows.

Whatever your favorite genre, you'll find something you love in this book.

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