C.R. Truitt

My stories are as varied as my life professions. I was never blessed with a single interest. Over a long lifetime I have been a janitor, typewriter repairman, radio announcer, security guard, private patrol driver, police officer, electronic circuit designer, computer programmer, newspaper correspondent, an editor of a statewide Lion’s Tale newspaper and a small business owner. I write in the genres of Science Fiction, a sub class called Future Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary, all with elements of romance.

Writing stories has always been my main love since I was ten years old. Electronics is second. My stories include; Messengers From The West Mountain, The Super Mall, The Golden Bird (Medley of Fairy Tales), another novel in a private printing under the title of “Day of Doom” and a limited publication of short stories published by Rusty Horse Publishing.

As a teenager, I witnessed the exciting times in the San Francisco bay area and had a front row seat during the Oakland Riots, School bus riots, Vietnam War, Race riots, and hippies. At that time, San Francisco was host to the world. I met people from around the world, including a Russian diplomat’s wife and I dated a girl from Germany.

I’ve live in Fountain Green, Utah since 1972.


Science Fiction, Future Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary all with elements or romance

Published Books

First published by Rusty Horse Publishing in 1996
This version published by Xlibris in 2007
Also available at Barnes & Nobel help desk and varies other on-line stores
Description: Young Paula is made leader of four messengers sent to the tribes who left the main tribe to establish their own lands with a message of unity, but finds herself in enemy territory.
Genre: Science Fiction after a nuclear war
Artwork by C. R. Truitt & June Garrison 

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First Published by Xlibris in 2007
Also available at Barnes & Nobel help desk and varies other on-line stores
Description: Kathy falls in love with a man who could either be a drug dealer or a undercover cop and winds up hiding in the ventilation system of the Super Mall, a gigantic underground complex of shops restaurants, private beaches, hotels, living quarters for employees and much more.
Genre: Science Future Fiction
Artwork by C. R. Truitt & June Garrison

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