About Us

In 2015, Allison Brown invited a couple of friends to get together and talk about writing. We met monthly for awhile, and we did some writing activities and mostly had a lot of fun. After a year we decided to create our first compilation of short stories. A Medley of Fairy Tales I came out in 2017. We followed that book the next year with A Medley of Fairy Tales II. These were released under our previous name, North Sanpete Writers Group. This year we released the first volume of Miscellany under our new name: Word Addicts. 

Word Addicts consists of published writers and brand new writers. Our writing interests range from literary fiction to fantasy, romance and science-fiction, etc... We support each other in our writing endeavors, and we seek to help writers everywhere no matter where they live in the world.

Here's what we're working toward:

  • Holding informative monthly meetings that help and inspire us all to write and market our books.
  • Helping team members write our best manuscripts by pooling our knowledge, skills and abilities effectively.
  • Giving writers another platform on the internet, where our profiles and writing can be showcased, and where readers can find links to our books.

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